less-than-twenty-180x180“Zahlenfarm” is our newest game to train mental mathematics for the whole family!
Up to four players can compete and train their ability to do basic arithmetic operations in their head by solving exercises of three different difficulty levels in their head. The exercises include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Check it out on or download it for your android or apple device.

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“<20" on the web

less-than-twenty-180x180Now you can play “Less than twenty” on the web! In our latest challenging math game you have to figure out the solution, combine the available values and move the correct number to the solution field. Therefor you have to do some mental arithmetic, take a very close look and make use of the various fields which modify your numbers. If you like difficult puzzle games with a sweet, relaxing sound play it on your mobile device or


OwlsAnd another HTML5 game! This time it is a Match3 game with cute characters: Usually owls are pretty busy in the night. But apparently our owls want to sleep. Wake them up before they have to remain hungry the whole day. Again we utilized the phaser framework so that the game will work well on a wide range of devices. Touch at least three adjacent owls of the same colour to wake them and beat your highscore. Play this addicting game on


mampferFinally we developed our first HTML5 game! You are a big flabbely piece of slime and you are hungry. You have to eat as many ice cream as you can or you will tire and grind to a halt. But avoid the penguins – this nasty little birds will slow you down.

The game has been developed specifically for mobile browsers utilizing the fantastic phaser framework and will work on a wide range of devices. Let us know if you want to license the game and launch a customized version on your site. You can play it on

Less than twenty

If you like challenging puzzles and are not afraid of doing some mental arithmetic you will love our latest game:

The exercises maybe simple but you will be surprised how difficult it can be to push the numbers around in the right way to build the solution of the respective exercise and move this number to the correct field. You will need to add or subtract values and make use of the various operator fields to solve all of the 40 exciting levels. Mostly all of this at once! Cudgel your brain and relax to the beautiful sound at the same time.

However – we don’t mind if you want to use a calculator for the exercises… ;o)

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Jungle Friends

Jungle FriendsWhile the rain is pattering against the window and the outside temperature is going constantly towards zero it is probably a pretty good idea to relax on the sofa and play our latest game on your smartphone or tablet. The simple but addictive gameplay, the cute cartoon characters and the catchy soundtrack will distract you from the mess outside!

Find your friends in the crowd of lions, apes, hippos and many other jungle animals as fast as possible and train your power of observation and concentration in a comfortable way. Compete with players from all over the world and get the highest score!

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Professor Beaver

professor-beaverOne of our stranger qualities is a curious enthusiasm for mental arithmetic. So we made a little game to train your ability to figure out simple exercises in your head.

Professor Beaver will assign you one task after another. You have to solve them as fast as possible to increase your highscore, get all medals and unlock more levels. With three different difficulty levels and cute cartoon characters the game is well suitable for kids of primary school age. But possibly the training maybe useful for you too…

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Pink bunny bats

pink-bunny-batsOur latest release is a funny physics puzzle which plays with some new mechanics for this well-known genre. The game involves some pretty cute cartoon characters in a weird fantasy setting:

You are an old wizard who has forgotten most of his spells. But you must support the pretty witch who is trying to rid the forest from a crazy curse which is transforming all animals into scary monsters. All she needs is a blue owl for her potion. Help her to transform the owl and get it in the cauldron by using the power of the clouds and the only spell you can remember. Play all 28 exciting levels on and rescue the animals.
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Zombie Saloon

zombie-saloonWho doesn’t like a a nice old-fashioned saloon brawl? But sometimes harsher measures are required, for example when a bunch of zombies has occupied your favoured saloon, drinks your lemonade and harasses the waitresses.

Shoot for all you are worth and protect the poor waitresses in our funny new shooter on

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robots vs. aliens

robots-vs-aliensProbably everyone of us has some preferred game mechanics. In our latest game we combined our preference for fast paced action games with our love to demanding puzzles:

Terrible alien bugs have invaded a space station. The only survivor is a cute little robot which tries to run away from the aliens. Fortunately he can defend himself by placing bombs to destroy his enemies. Unfortunately the exit of each level is blocked and he has to repair the door controls to escape. What made matters even worse is that he can easily blow up himself with his bombs. Play all challenging 30 levels on
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