Zahlenfarm Train your ability to do mental arithmetics in your head with “Zahlenfarm” and solve exercises in three different levels of difficulty. Compare your skills and progress with up to three members of your family or friends.

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Less then 20
Push the numbers around in the right way to build the solution of the respective exercise. Then move this number to the correct field to solve each of the 40 exciting levels. To prevent you from going crazy about the mind challenging exercises we added a really relaxing sound. We hope you will enjoy it!


jungle-friends-100Jungle Friends
There are many animals in the jungle but you just want to meet some of them. Search the crowd of displayed animals and find the correct ones. But hurry because time runs on. Train your power of obervation and concentration with this simple but addicting little game and enjoy the cute cartoon graphics.

The game is available on the Appstore and Google Play

professor-beaverProfessor Beaver
Mental arithmetic is a useful skill – train it by solving all tasks Professor Beaver is assigning to you! Solve them as fast as possible to increase your highscore and get all achievements. Through the different difficulty levels and cute cartoon graphics this game is particular suited for kids of primary school age. But even you may have fun…
The game is available on the Appstore and Google Play

pink-bunny-batsPink bunny bats
The magic forest suffers from a terrible curse: All the animals are transforming into scary pink bunny bats. Only a special potion with a blue owl as an ingridient can break the curse and save the animals. Unfortunately the old wizard can’t remember the right spell. Help him by adjusting his magic power and placing the clouds in the right position. Play the game at

zombie-saloonZombie Saloon
After a long working day anything you want is a cool drink. But zombies have occupied your local pub! Send them back to hell and rescue the waitresses. Use the mouse to aim, the left mouse button to fire and space to reload. Shoot the Zombies before they shoot you. Hit the hats of the zombies for extra points. Hit the bottles to restore your health and sty alive as long as you can. Play the game at

robots-vs-aliensRobots vs. aliens
An innovative action puzzle which combines various game principles in a new way. Solve the puzzle, reach the exit and blow up as many alien bugs as you can but don’t blow up yourself. Use arrow keys to control the little robot. Press “space” to place a bomb. Use the various objects in the levels to your advantage. Play the game at

Froxxis - free Match3 gameFroxxis
Do you remember the tale of the frog and the prince? Find out if it is true and make the little princess happy. – Click on at least 3 adjacent frogs of the same colour. Click on at least 6 adjacent frogs to get a time bonus. Click the owl to remove several random frogs per column. Remove frogs of the same colour for 5 times one after another to get a new owl. Play the game at

grumpy-octopussesGrumpy octopusses
Save the good mude of the little mermaid and cheer up the grumpy octopusses in this cute puzzle game. Place a smiling octopus beside a grumpy one of the same colour so that they all will be happy and disappear. If a grumpy octopus reaches the little mermaid she will swim away. Enjoy this cute puzzle game.

Download at the BlackBerry App WorldTM storefront.

The easter bunny is in trouble. Which eggs may he deliver to the children and which not? Check all eggs and free the little chickens.Press and drag the mouse to select at least 2 x 2 eggs. If the eggs in the corners of your selection are from the same colour the eggs will open. Open all eggs to solve the level before time is up. Play the game at

Owls Owls
Usually owls are pretty busy in the night. But apparently our owls want to sleep. Wake them up before they have to remain hungry the whole day!
This game has been developed specifically for mobile browsers and will work on a wide range of devices. Play this addicting match3 game at

mampfer Mampfer
You are a big flabbely piece of slime and you are hungry. You have to eat as many ice cream as you can or you will tire and grind to a halt. But avoid the penguins – this nasty little birds will slow you down.
This game has been developed specifically for mobile browsers and will work on a wide range of devices. Play it at

bee-of-the-weekBee of the week
Show how everybody how busy you are and become the “Bee of the week” by collecting as many smiling flowers as possible. Use the mouse to control the little bee. Collect the smiling flowers to get the maximum of points. Avoid all other insects and collect as many smiling flowers as possible in the correct order to make combos and get extra points. Solve all levels and make all combos to get access to the bonus level.

ghost-attackGhost attack
Little ghosts have entered the stage. Help the old sorcerer to remove them by clicking on three or more matching ones of the same colour. Remove six or more at once to get a time bonus. Remove ghosts of the same colour one after another for at least three times to get more magic potions. Use the magic potions on the right to remove or change multiple ghosts.